Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology uses all of my holistic expertise to help you reach peak performance in every area of life, including anti-aging. Because emotions tighten up the muscles. The mind can inhibit or expand performance. Techniques like meditation, creative visualization and positive affirmations greatly help keep the mind in focus for health, success, and happiness. Breathwork and other physical exercise techniques strengthens the body and relaxes it.

I work with both individuals or teams of athletes. I also can help build teamwork for you and your family, and/or your business organization. Your fears, your anger, your hurts and resentments must be let go of for you to focus clearly on the present moment for peak performance and happiness.

Online or telephone appointments must be paid in advance by credit card or check. You can use Pay Online located on this website’s menu to pay securely¬†via Paypal. Flexible fees. Insurance and Credit Cards accepted.