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Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment: Living in Freedom

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This book is inspired by my desire to share my inner knowing and to help you take your journey towards enlightenment, pure awareness, peace, and joy for ourselves and the world. It is a journey to know your self in the totality of who you are in each moment….to learn to play, co-operate, collaborate with the (w)holy trinity)…(Body/Mind), Spirit and Soul/God in a way that produces passionate participation in life and peace on earth. It includes many tools, original insights and spiritual/psychological exercises.

My intent in writing this book is to raise the consciousness of the world to enable world peace, have more peace and joy in our daily lives, and enjoy healthier and happier families. Conflict and Turmoil – or impending turmoil – appears to be more around us in our lives than ever before. Often we can’t help focus on the external turmoil – terrorism, war, natural disasters, the ignorance of our leaders, and the lack of mental health in humanity. Yet this is our greatest danger to the quality of our lives and world peace, our identification with these negative thought patterns and beliefs, coupled with our lack of spiritual awareness. Until we find peace and joy internally, we cannot contribute to the peace, joy, and prosperity in the external world.

It is possible to find that internal peace and share it with your loved ones, your community, and help bring peace to the world. We need to acknowledge our spirituality, our wholeness, our connectedness deep in our hearts and realize it in all of our actions. Understanding the truth that we are non-material makes it ludicrous to fight over anything material. We are a spiritual being. All the sciences, particularly quantum physics and biology, are now proving this fact of our spiritual/energetic being that many of us have known and have been working on for the last 30 years or more. Biology has proven that rather than being “programmed” by our genes, our lives are controlled by our perceptions of life experiences! Quantum physics has proven that we are non-material…we are energy…a spiritual being. Our cells literally have antennae that pick up the thoughts and emotions of everyone and everything on earth on either a conscious or unconscious level. Our souls are all connected a part of each other, so in essence there is only one of us.

Living in the truth of who we are, a non-material spiritual being will bring the belief systems into alignment so that everyone can see there is no threat. Truth doesn’t set you free. Living in truth and authenticity, having all our actions and beliefs stem from this truth of our spiritual being will set us free. Addictions, low self-esteem, conflicts in relationships all fall away along with our attachment to ego. This will change not only the belief systems of individuals but also the corporate culture of governments and the whole world. It will allow more peace, joy, and abundance for everyone. This book helps you accomplish this awakening. ~ Jeri DeVale

~Book Reviews~

“This is and important and powerful book, written by a psychotherapist, making the path to wholeness (enlightenment) appealing and understandable. It is well written and personal, engaging, sometimes playful, but always knowledgeable and scientific — a delight for the committed seeker.”
Deane Brown, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist Director 1990-1994 Spiritual Emergency Network


“This book complements Vernon Howard, one of my favorite authors, and goes beyond it. It is unique, personal, holistic, and spiritual. It adds the psychological principles, techniques, and exercises to help you realize the truth of who you are. Very effective and inspiring!”
Linda First, Licensed Practical Nurse


“I could feel Spirit is very present in this book, and in all that it teaches! It presents an authentic new way to look at and live in our world that can help bring both personal and world peace. Each chapter offers new ways to embrace our oneness.”
Donna Peters, RN, Ph.D., FAAN, Health Care Consultant and Member, Board of Advisers of the American Holistic Health Association