About Dr. Devale

This is my full resume of my psychological background, degrees, licensure, and experience. This doesn’t include the years of spiritual coursework, training, meditation and experience to develop my spiritual awareness.

Here is a list of all insurances I accept: Aetna, BayCare, Cigna and Evernorth, Humana, Optum, PPO insurance companies, UnitedHealthcare UHC | UBH. I also accept check, credit card, Zelle, Paypal and cash.



1990 Woman of Achievement Award from Mayor Tom Bradley(nominated by Century City Chamber Of Commerce) for Academic Achievement, Business Excellence & Public Service


1987 Ph.D. Clinical & Organizational Psychology & Development
William Lyon University, San Diego, California
Ph.D. Dissertation: Overcoming Resistance to Excellence in Organizations

1978 M.A. Counseling Psychology, Lindenwood College, St. Charles, Missouri M.A. Thesis: Integrating Mind/Body/Spirit Approaches to Healing

1967 B.F.A. Art, Music, Drama – Art Institute of Chicago, Ill. – Goodman Theatre Performing and Healing Arts of Art, Music, & Psychodrama


CONTINUING EDUCATION CLASSES beyond annual requirements

Clinical Supervision Training St. Pete College 2005
An Introduction to EMDR and related approaches in Psychotherapy
Families of chronically Ill Patients
Fundamentals of Trauma Processing
The Bisexual Client: Trauma Focused Care
Telehealth: A Guide for Florida Mental Health Providers
Psychedelic Harm Reduction and Integration in Clinical Practice
An Introduction to Ayahuasca for Mental Health providers
When Psychedelica Hurt: Unpleasant Experiences as a Pathway to Healing
MDMA assisted therapy in the treatment of Postraumatic Disorder
Understanding Asperger Syndrome
Alzheimer Diagnostic Basics for Mental Health professionals
Evidence-Based Therapy Practices in Psilocybin-assisted Interventions
The Role of Spirituality in Health and Mental Illness
Suicide Assessment and prevention
Integrating Mindfulness into Clinical Practice
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Suicide intervention and prevention
Female Sexual dysfunction
Incorporating Musical Strategies into Clinical Practise
Anxiety Disorders
Strength Based Supervision
Childhood Schizophrenia
Detoxification and Substance Abuse Treatment Fundamentals
Obesity for Children
Aging and Long Term Care
Understanding Infant Mental Health
Understanding Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Fetal
Alcohol Spectrum Disorders
Understanding Asperger Syndrome

Alzheimer Diagnostic Basics for the Mental Health Practioner


99 Marriage and Family Therapist, Florida – MT-1779

1978-2023 Private Practice – Psychotherapy, Marriage, Family, & Child
Counseling, Business and Life Success Coaching, Organizational
Development and Management Consulting
Assessment and treatment of individuals, couples, families, children, groups and businesses – using
multi-modal and dual-diagnosis -integrating the use of hypnosis, bodywork, bio-energetic and
biophysical psychotherapy, dialectical behavior therapy, counseling- gestalt, jungian, reichian,
breathwork, meditation, creative visualizations, art, music and psychodrama for healing for marriage,
family, children including communication skills, sexual dysfunction, self-esteem, depression and
anxiety, grief, anger management, substance abuse of all kinds- including eating disorders,, divorce,
death and dying, loss, divorce, marriage, pre-marital, post-traumatic stress disorder, chronic stress
problems, personal and career development, self-esteem, rape and incest, sexual dysfunction,
parenting skills, job stress, sport psychology, wholistic bodywork – Reichian, Reiki, Bioenergetics,
Rebirthing, Polarity, Lomi, Kundalini, Tantra, and Acupressure. PTSD – invented eye exercises to
control flashbacks for veterans, Business and Life Success Coaching, Organizational Development and
Management Consulting

Professional Reference: Laura Elena Diaz de Ortez – MD- 718-724-3844

85-87 Management Consultant with Jack Gibb, Ph.D. & Omicron Assoc.
One of several organizational psychologists that developed Trust Theories. Building Trust, Community, Teams in Corporations.

83-85 Santa Monica Health Center -Wholistic – Multi-disciplinary

Treated patients as lic. marriage and family counselor, sport psychologist, and wholistic bodyworker –
Reiki and Polarity. Also supervised staff for director Paul Peterson, D.C. I supervised office billing
and appointment setting. I was responsible for marketing, wrote brochures, press releases, networked
referral sources.
78-82 Information and Referral Center, Los Angeles, California
Managing Director and Supervising Psychotherapist;
Marriage and Family Counselor
Managed the clinic was clinical director for the executive director, Roland Frauchiger, delegated work
flow, administered personnel policies and procedure, handled payroll. Trained and supervised interns,
conducted intake and assessment interviews of both mental health professionals and patients, and made
referrals to the mental health professional whose treatment modalities were best suited to the problems
presented, was responsible for follow-up procedures throughout the treatment period. Counseled
individuals with a wide range of presenting problems. Led psychotherapy and support groups.

76-80 Conjoint Psychotherapy with Albert Duvall, M.D. Psychiatrist
Conjoint (man/woman team) treated patients using bioenergetic therapies – Reichian – Orgonomic
Bio-energetics, Character analytic therapy and analysis, Personnel Assessment Consultation.

76-78 Growth Art Institute, Woodland Hills, California

Alex Vilumsons, Ph.D. Director
Therapy Internship. Intern duties involved the use of art, music, and psychodrama to counsel
individuals, families, and groups under supervision of licensed psychologists, psychiatrists, and social
workers in multi-modal environment.

77-78 Massage Therapy Practice, Los Angeles, California
Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Nutrition, Anatomy, Physiology, Polarity Therapy

76-77 Whittier College School of Law, Los Angeles, California
Administrative Assistant to the Assistant Dean
Responsible for new-student orientation, student counseling on curriculum and class scheduling, and
graduate placement.
68-76 Free-lance Actress, Producer, Director of Theater,

Member of SAG, AFTRA, Actor’s Equity

70-71 Samuel French – New York

Administrative Assistant

67-68 Chicago Parks and Recreation Center

Instructor Dramatic Arts

68-70 Temporary Office Work (type 70 wpm) for Banks,

Attorneys, Manufacturing, in New York City.

ADDITIONAL TEACHING: Seminars, Training, and Workshops

Overcoming Resistance to Excellence in Organizations
Stress and Anger Management
Resolving Grief and Loss in the Workplace
Healing in Life & Death
Resolving the Death of a Significant Other
Staying Flexible for Continual Change
Learning to Listen
Communicating Purpose, Goals, and Intentions
Creating Corporate Instincts for Excellence
Overcoming Resistance to Excellence in your Life
Quality Control of Corporate Culture
Effective Leadership
Creating Community
Team Building
Healing Addicted Corporations
Strategic Planning – Gaining Cooperation
Overcoming Fear of Success
Career Counseling: Building Skills and Confidence
Techniques for Stress Reduction and Focus
Balancing the Needs of Work and Family
Effective Communication: Interpersonal and Interdepartmental
Motivating Employees – The Art of Passionate Living!
Encouraging Creativity
Group Problem Solving
Conflict Resolution
Effective Employee Assistance Programs
Sexual Harassment: How to Handle It: How to Avoid It
Collaboration Without Compromise
Association of Marriage, Family and Child Counselors
Volunteer, Vet Center, treated veterans and their families
Volunteer, Community Theater
Worked to change laws for rape and incest

Chairwoman, Fund-raising, College of Orgonomy, raised $2,000,000


Computer literate in Windows Environment – all major programs