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Dr. Jeri DeVale is a organizational development specialist, which is a conceptual, organization-wide effort to increase an organization’s effectiveness, profits and viability. She has a Ph.D. in both clinical and organizational psychology and development. She is a change and effectiveness expert located in St. Petersburg, Florida. She works to help you achieve greater success by increasing both the profit and health of your organization simultaneously. She creates a quality control program for the people processes of your organization. It is the quality control of all of the people processes (often the how people go about doing things ) of an organization, including also the corporate culture both conscious and unconscious that drives an organization to health, effectiveness and profit. Her Ph.D. dissertation was on Overcoming Resistance to Excellence in Organizations. This often includes things like strategic planning, mission building, clearer definitions of goals and objectives, trust building and team building, stress management, re-designing the structure of an organizations, and most importantly developing more effective communication skills with greater focus so that the people processes flow well without any stasis. It has a definite focus on action research and learning how to keep an organization healthy and profitable. Consultations can be conducted in person at my local office, by phone or online thru video conference.

Here are other consulting areas Dr. Jeri Devale Ph.D. covers:
Employee Development Consulting, Management Development Consulting, Quality Control of People Processes in Organizations, Healthy Organizational Communication, Healthy Interdepartmental Communication in Organization, Organizational Effectiveness Consulting, Strategic Planning Consulting, Employee Assistance Consulting, Human Resource Consulting, Organizational Development Specialist and Organizational Psychologist.

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