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Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment:
Living in Freedom

Table of Contents – 10 Chapters:

Chapt 1 Kissing Our Way to Enlightenment
Understand how your personality and your Soul can communicate and co-create in a loving joyful way. They can kiss each other all day long creating joy and bliss

Chapt 2 Spiritual Reframing
Understand how we are all one living eternal being and how the ramifications of this can create individual and world peace. Learn Spiritual Reframing, have happy marriages and raise your consciousness and the worlds.

Chapt 3 Sex, Sex, Everywhere
Sex can be a powerful force for the good of the world. Our libido can bring us passionate participation in life. It can fill us with joy and ecstasy. It is used in the service of love, and woven into a path to enlightenment/wholeness.

Chapt 4 Sacred Geometry
The Greeks used geometric forms as an element in their path to enlightenment. These forms can be used in meditation and represent pure awareness

Chapt 5 Letting Go of Ego to Feel More Bliss
Letting go of our attachment to the world and ourselves as material objects

Chapter 6 Understanding & Embracing Ego
Ego is not bad. We love and embrace it when we use it as a vehicle for spirit and as an expression of the whole of you.

Chapter 7 Co-creating Our Own Spiritual Exercises
Perhaps the most important chapter of the book, it helps you communicate with your soul and inner teacher so you realize you are the way, not some external guru.

Chapter 8 Tools for Balance
Exercise, breathing methods, meditations, insights for balance

Chapter 9 Life is in Harmonic Ratio Plus
Description of the energies of the universe, chakra system, and their healing abilities in their harmonic relationship

Chapter 10 Summary
Review fifth dimensional thinking, divine self thinking mode, spiritual reframing & Spiritual Guidelines for the 21st Century.