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The enlightened master knows that the glass is always full.  Filled sometimes half with liquid & half with air - Partly Positive, Partly Negative, Partly Space - Visible and Invisible - And yet also -

I am a (w)holistic psychotherapist - treating the whole person by treating the mind-emotions-body-spirit & soul.

I would like to help you in your journey to enlightenment and bliss. I work from a (w)holistic point of view (Mind-Body-Spirit) with individuals, couples, families, and businesses.

Read the Book! Click HERE!This journey can only take place if you discover the truth of who you really are a non-material spiritual being. Proven now by science, our spiritual being is connected to all other beings, and so in essence we are all a part of one being. Our DNA is reprogrammed by our perceptions and beliefs. As your awareness grows you start thinking from a platform of observance that allows you to transcend the duality of everyday life…the continual swing back and forth from love to hate. It elevates you

to a platform of joy and bliss where you can feel the wholeness of who we are. You are never lonely again. Truth won't set you free. Living in the truth of who we are will set us free. This is having all of our belief systems and actions in life bloom from this inner knowing and truth. If everyone would make this journey there would be instant world peace.

There is no right answer only one that works for you. I use several different modalities depending upon the need. Some people come to me for psychotherapy for a particularly problem they want to work on, or for depression or anxiety, some for couple or marriage counseling, some for business change and effectiveness, some for education and self-growth, some to be apprentices, and some just to attend my seminars on a topic.

I use bodywork to balance the body and de-armor your psyche helping you to let go of your defenses that keep you hooked into your low-self-esteem, addictions, and negative patterns. Breathe work- balancing the emotions, counseling-developing communication skills with yourself and others, psychodynamic techniques to heal old wounds, meditation to balance the mind. Most important I can help you to access your inner knowing and connection to all that is. Inside of you is a library of vast knowledge available at any time. When you realize this and learn to tap into it, you will understand how your personality/ego can communicate with soul in a loving kiss where you can feel you soul melt into your personality. The totally transforms you life bringing you peace and joy.

You can contact me at 727-374-3092 or by email at devale42@gmail.com , or ideally both ways to be sure I get the message. Please don't forget to leave your phone number and/or email address and the reason you called.

~ Jeri DeVale, Ph.D.


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